You don’t have to do it alone

One of the hardest things to get a handle on when learning to program is understanding how well you’re doing and knowing what the best thing to do is to get better. Feeling lost and alone turns into getting frustrated and giving up.

One of the best things for a programmer to keep them focused and productive is to find a mentor that can help them evaluate their progress, choose their next project to enhance their skills faster, and provide expert guidance on technical and emotional issues. Programmers with mentors learn faster and avoid more pitfalls than programmers who are just learning on their own. And with over twenty years of programming and mentoring under my belt, I can help you get ahead in this highly competitive field.

I can help you with:

  • Choosing a language or technology to learn
  • Finding or developing curricula that will best solidify concepts and ability
  • Solidifying concepts and discussing best practices
  • Discussing struggles and how to overcome them
  • Planning and managing side projects
  • Pair programming help and getting past roadblocks
  • Exploring career paths and preparing for the job search

One session at a time

We can start off with an initial mentoring session where I will get to know you and your goals and then go from there. Everyone’s journey will be different, but I’ve designed paths for a number of programmers in my career, from first teachings to initial job and beyond.

Each session is $85 and is held over video conferencing tools that work in all major browsers.

If this interests you, send an email to joe at and let’s talk. You don’t have to struggle alone if you don’t want to.