Learning Programming

How can you make learning programming less boring?

I’m sure you’ve run into it while trying to learn programming. You find a shiny new tutorial or video course and you dive in with excitement. Finally, this will be the one that sticks. And then you hit a brick wall. The boredom kicks in and you lose focus on what you’re doing. Soon, you completely lose track of whatever it was that you were supposed to be learning and you stop the course completely, adding it to the growing pile of half finished materials in your bookmarks folder.

Problem Solving in Programming with if and Logic Statements

Here’s a video I put together about Problem Solving. I think this is one of those topics that beginning programmers struggle the most with sometimes and this demonstrates a couple of techniques you can use to help you solve programming problems. I tackle the sumDouble and sleepIn problems from CodingBat.com.

How Will You Know if You'll Like Programming?

Learning programming to the level of being able to create web applications or work in the field can take a lot of time and effort. But what if you don’t like it? What if you spend all that time and effort and it ends up that you hate programming and never want to see its ugly face again? I hate to say it, but this can happen. I’ve seen it happen.

How to Measure Your Progress While Learning Programming

Learning programming can often feel like you’re running as fast as you can and getting nowhere fast. The minute you feel like you have something figured out, five more things pop up that you need to learn before you can even do anything useful. Measuring programming progress is extremely hard to do. It doesn’t come naturally to humans to measure progress of a mental skill. Programming is a very mental skill.