You’ve found the website of Joe Erickson, a curriculum developer at Tech Elevator’s Cleveland location. Tech Elevator is a web development bootcamp that has a unique approach to training new developers. Not only do we teach the skills needed to develop web applications in Java or .Net and the needed theory to understand why development is done the way it is, we also teach the soft skills needed to land a job and we partner with a growing number of local companies that are looking for the kinds of junior developers that we are training.

I’ve been a web developer for over 20 years. I spent my time on the corporate ladder, at small web shops and Fortune 50 companies. I’ve built reselling portals for VoIP companies, ad engines for merchants, business intelligence applications for state historical preservationists, and I’ve gone from being the one passed up for promotions after doing great work to being the one in charge and doing the interviewing and the hiring. I’ve seen both sides of the table and now it’s my goal to train the next generation of developers.