Get an Expert on Your Side

Afraid of losing money on a new web-based project that your business needs? Heard horror stories about major investments in internet applications that result in nothing to show for it? Want someone knowledgeable and competent on your side as you enter a new stage in your company’s growth?

My name is Joe Erickson and I’m a web and mobile project strategist. I help companies who are looking to invest in a major Internet-based project get rid of the countless pitfalls and money traps that surround enterprise-level development projects and ensure the project is a success for your business.

I’ve been architecting and building enterprise applications for over 18 years. I’ve built reselling portals for VoIP companies, ad engines for merchants, business intelligence applications for state historical preservationists, and I can help you build an application that multiplies your business too.

If you’re interested, let’s talk and see what we can do together.